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Welcome to SLR

Welcome to SLR . SLR is an equipment rental, production support and professional crew agency based in Co. Cork in the South of Ireland. Our mission is to provide our clients in the film, television and wider media industry with a complete service, from a single sheet of gel to the equipment, support and personnel to produce a feature film.

What our clients are saying about us:

SLR provided me with the same level of premier service
and equipment that I'm used to receiving while working on set for
national and international broadcast documentary productions in New
York City.

Franky, I was surprised.  I showed up in Cork with a last-minute, less
than 24-hour notice request for interview lighting.  It was a bit more
than a reasonable person could expect. ... I recently finished
teaching a course in documentary production at Yale University, and I
would never have allowed my students to show up at a shoot with so
little prep or notice.  But when I reached SLR, they didn't skip a
beat.  They delivered exactly what I needed on time, did all the
grip work and set-up, and came back the next day to do all the
breakdown and returns ... After I had left!

What that meant to me was that I could focus the minimal time I had in
Cork on the creative work of directing and producing my film.  I am
genuinely, personally grateful for this.  Thank you so much for making
it possible!


Rebecca Wexler, Yale Law School, Connecticut, USA


"SLR provided all of our camera, sound, grip and lighting needs for our feature film 'Tree Keeper'. They provided a high quality product at an affordable cost and their customer service was second to none. I would highly recommend SLR for any and all of your film and television rental needs."


"SLR provide both the equipment and expertise to facilitate us in creating new and exciting videos for the Murphy's Irish Stout's 'Little Big Nights Out' events!"


Patrick O'Shea, Producer, Tree Keeper.


Southernman Films


""I went to Cork to shoot a performance piece in a dimly lit wine cellar. Fortunately SLR was on hand to not only provide lighting and grip equipment but also a professional crew, all at reasonable price"




John Stack, RISE Films, London"




Stormlight clients  

Our Services

-> Equipment Rental:

We can provide your production with a complete equipment package including:

  • Lighting
  • Grip
  • Camera
  • Sound


-> Crew:

Our professional crews have worked on productions across Europe. cContact us today to find out what we can do for you


-> Production Support:

SLR can provide productions coming to Southern Ireland with a complete suite of support services





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